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Bank technology consulting that pays for itself.

Support Services

Let us carry the load.

Our bread and butter.  Founded in 2007, Genesys has provided it's Core Services to over 250 financial institutions.

The grass always seems greener on the other side.  We help you decide if you need sod or just some fertilizer.
A change in deployment is growing trend in the industry and there is a lot of moving parts to your technology.  Let us help you consider all the angles.
Assessing the infrastructure of a target acquisition can be tricky.  Learn how we can help...
We will bring the industry leaders to the table and uncover all necessary details.

Accountability is a beautiful thing.  We stand behind our work and help you clean your plate of those strategic initiatives.

Invoice Audit Service
We look at and approve every invoice tied to your contract.  Just sayin...
Process Improvement
From underwriting automation to onboarding new customers.  We help you become more efficient.
Operational Assessment
Are you getting everything you can out of your systems.  Let us look under the hood.
Conversion Management
Once you make the decision to convert
things really start to heat up.  We are there to hold everyone accoutable including ourselves.
Project Management
From new product installation to expense reduction initiatives we can manage any project you can think of.
Vendor Management's gotta be done and we are good at it.


Community banking is all about relationships and people.  Take a few seconds to learn more about us..

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