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Cybersecurity – What Senior Leadership at Your Bank Needs to Know  | SafeSystems

Zach DukeEVP Business Development June 15, 2016 Cybersecurity is a serious concern for banks today. Hackers have stolen more than $1 billion from banks, as well as sensitive customer data, bank email information, ATM data, and PIN numbers. They have … Continue reading >

CSI Ranks First in Tier One MSPs, According to MSP Mentor 501 Global Edition

PADUCAH, Ky., May 26, 2016 – Computer Services, Inc. , (CSI) (OTCQX: CSVI), a provider of end-to-end financial technology solutions, has placed among the top 10 of the world’s largest managed services providers (MSPs) according to Penton Technology’s annual MSPmentor 501 Global Edition.  Continue reading >

Safe Systems Enhances Email Platform for Community Banks and Credit Unions | Safe Systems

6/22/16 7:26 AM - Email is a key communication and business tool in the banking world.  Despite a large number of choices in email providers, many banks and credit unions prefer a solution that is tailored for the specific needs of the financial services … Continue reading >

Wells Fargo's Bid to Vanquish Screen Scraping

by PENNY CROSMAN |The archaic practice of using customers' online banking credentials to copy and paste their account information into other programs has been under fire. With a new API, Wells Fargo hopes to bring this practice to an end.  READ MORE »

To Win in Digital Banking, Get Techies Talking to Service Reps

by TANAYA MACHEEL | Arjun Sirrah takes great pride in his company's national-level success as a community bank in Connecticut competing against digital lending startups in student loan refinancing. The 10-year-old Darien Rowayton Bank in Darien, where Sirrah has been chief technology officer of its affiliate DRB Lending since 2014, has $588 million in assets and has securitized more than $1...READ MORE »

Tired of Checklists, CFOs Seek to Broaden Influence

by PAUL DAVIS | Competitive pressure and revenue challenges are creating a need for executives to focus more on strategic planning, and CFOs want a piece of the action. Unfortunately, many CFOs are bogged down with checklists and mundane tasks.  READ MORE »

How Bankers Can Address Growing Budgeting Headaches

by JACKIE STEWART | The financial crisis, and its aftermath, created a new layer of regulation to consider. A growing need to fund technology projects and an uncertain rate environment have only made it harder to forecast revenue and expenses. READ MORE »

Vendor News

Get the latest news on what the core vendors did this month.


We are working to bring you the latest on third parties.

Services Spotlight

Managed Services Evaluations:

Looking to outsource the management of your IT infrastructure.  We can help.  We bring the right vendors to the table and help you sift through all the details to make the wisest decsion for your bank.  Interested?  Click here...

Card Brand Flip Analysis

Did you know that you can negotiate extremely lucrative contracts directly with MasterCard, VISA or Discover?

Interested?  Click here...

Conversion Management

We stand behind our work and stay with you after you select the vendors.  David Noël and his team do an amazing job of managing all the moving parts of a conversion so you can run the bank.  Interested?  Click here...

Forward Facings Systems Assessment

Have you ever wondered how your customers perceive your systems or more importantly how you stack up to your competition?  Let us take a look...

Featured Article
Apps That Make Our Lives Easierby David Saylor | President & Founder

Have you ever stumbled upon a system or app that you cannot believe you ever lived a day without?  Stumbling on these gems are a favorite pass time of mine.  Maybe I was sitting at lunch with a friend and they mentioned some obscure piece of software in passing or maybe I was just cross-eyed working on a project and needed a break, so I started surfing the trending apps in the Apple Store. Whatever the case, I have a few of these systems in my arsenal that I deploy company-wide at Genesys or simply use personally to help me in either my personal or professional life.  If you know me by now, I am a fan of Top 10 lists so I am going to briefly run down the top 10 apps that truly bring value and efficiency to my life or the lives of those around me.  Read more...

Volume 1 | Issue 7 | June 2016

Verse to Live By...

This months verse is so stinking good.  Stumbled on this one and it's truth is timeless.  If we would only listen...or be still enough to listen.

Exodus 14:14

Genesys Update
  1. See you June 20th at the CBA of Georgia Leadership Convention - Stop by our booth.

  2. Century Bank of Georgia's conversion to CSI NuPoint...the bank looks back and reflects.

  3. Bank of Akron completes renewal agreement with D+H.

  4. Be on the lookout for our Core Vendor Satisfacton Survey.  Coming this summer to your inbox.

  5. Think Mutual Bank completes renewal negotiations with Jack Henry & Associates.

  6. FNB of Oneida completes renewal negotiations with Jack Henry & Associates - Jim Goethe is a candidate for account rep of the year.

  7. Western State Bank makes the decision to migrate from in house to outsource Fiserv Premier.

  8. Genesys selected to sit on consultant panel at Jack Henry Strategic Initiatives Conference 2016.

  9. De Novo banks are making a rebound...YES!!

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Is Outsourcing IT the Right Move for Bank?

May 2016 | Volume 1 | Issue 6



At Genesys, we have the priviledge of running into some of the most amazing ministries.  This months ministry blows our hair back.  Groundwire is an organization that meets Milennials right where they sit with a message of hope.  Through the use of TV, Billboard and Social Media advertisements, Groundwire interrupts a persons days in the most unique way.  Their staff of experienced life coaches man the chat lines 24/7 to broadcast the amazing grace of Christ.  Don't take our word for here to learn more and don't be afraid to support them financially.  We do.

Sean Dunn, the President of Groundwire, is currently raising funds for their national media campaign.  Email us if you want to learn more and be put in contact with Sean.

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Ministry Spotlight
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