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Cost Conscious Small Businesses Want Better Bank Tech

by Bryan Yurcan | July 28th - Consumers typically get to enjoy cool new banking technology first, followed by commercial customers.  But businesses – especially small to midsize ones – are losing patience with this traditional pecking order and increasingly bolting to high-tech nonbanks in response.  Read More...

Today's COO Is Often Tomorrow's CEO

by JOE ADLER - On top of running a bank’s day-to-day operations, chief operating officers particularly at smaller banks play the additional role of CEO-in-waiting.  READ MORE »

Quick Chip to Help Speed Up EMV Transactions

by Brian Penny - No one seemed to think about how EMV would slow down the checkout process. Thankfully, this oversight is being corrected with a new initiative... Read More...

FIS: Banking’s Best Stock Play Isn’t a Bank

by Jack Willoughby - Few businesses have been disrupted as much as banking in recent years. Financial crises, weak economic growth, ultralow interest rates, tough new capital guidelines... Read More...

Do You Have a Generic Banking Brand? Or a Niche Focus?

by Kevin Tynan - A marketing plan is just not enough.  The typical marketing plan outlines goals for the year, audience targets, products to be promoted, budgets and timelines. A combination of... Read More...

5 Ways to Protect Your Institution from Mobile Cyber Attacks

by Steve Sanders - Modern life has changed so much, so fast. Nearly everyone today has a smartphone, and we become more reliant on them every day. That’s a good thing for financial institutions... Read More...

Reduce the Stress of Your Bank’s IT Exams

by Darren Bridges - Financial institutions are governed by stringent regulations, including strict guidelines for the institution’s information security program. Institutions must... Read More... 

NYMBUS Secures $12 Million in Funding to Accelerate Explosive Growth

NYMBUS Inc., provider of the world’s most current mission-critical core technology available to financial institutions, today announced it has completed a $12 million financing round led by the major shareholders of Vensure Enterprises. Read More...

What Dearth of New Banks Means for the Industry's Future

by George Sutton - A recent hearing before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee examined why virtually no new banks have been organized since 2009. Read More...

Alabama Credit Union to Buy In-State Bank

by Palash Ghosh - Family Security Credit Union, a $580-million institution based in Decatur, Ala., said it has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase substantially all of the assets... Read More...

Vendor News

Get the latest news on what the core vendors did this month.

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Services Spotlight

Contract Negotiations:

Banks hire us all the time just to review their contracts.  Let us take a look and help you identify the areas of your agreements that can hurt you the most.  Click here...


New Product Installation and Launch

Did you know that we help our customers launch new products and services.  We know you are busy so let us manage the process to get your new services off the ground.  Interested?  Click here...

Migration Management

Moving from in-house to outsourcing?  We manage migrations all the time.  Let us deal with the details while you run the bank. Interested?  Click here...


Forward Facings Systems Assessment

Have you ever wondered how your customers perceive your systems or more importantly how you stack up to your competition?  Let us take a look...

Featured Article
by David Noël | EVP Support Services

Reality is a very personal thing.  In relation to conversions, reality must be viewed with a different lens.  For example, you have “reality” for a core salesperson.  Then you have what reality looks like for the president of the bank.  What about for the operation officer or IT professional.  I think you see where I am going with this.  So, what is reality?  Webster defines reality as, "the true situation that exists: the real situation."  In reality, a bank core ‘conversion’ is a monstrous undertaking that can unite an organization or leave a bitter taste in your mouth that never truly goes away.  A bad conversion is no way to start a new partnership but the reality is that the vendors do this every day and banks...not so much.  The 

 reality is that when conversions go bad the finger is always pointed at the vendor but most likely the blame is shared with the bank or most of the blame should be on the bank.  I am sorry folks...that is just reality.    Read more...

Volume 1 | Issue 9 | September 2016

Verse to Live By...

Priority one...

Proverbs 4:23

Genesys Update
  1. GET A FREE YETI Tumbler.  Learn more...

  2. Western State Bank successfully completes their migration to outsourced core processing.

  3. Genesys welcomes 8 new customers to the family in August and September.

  4. Genesys joins AFT. Rubbed elbows with the vendors at this months meeting.

  5. Check out the ministries that we love.  Unique models that have Kingdom impact.  Click here

  6. Know someone who would be a great addition to our team?  Click Here to make the introduction.

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Ministry Spotlight

410 Bridge has a truly unique concept when it comes to ministries.  They don't just infuse cash into a tough situation...they teach people how to sustain life and economic growth in some of the toughest places on earth.


Kurt Candler and his team start with water.  Water is fundamental to survival and for many communities around the world it is a burden just to gather enough to live on a daily basis.  410 Bridge understands that once you have a reliable source of water a community can start to build itself up.  Learn more about 410 and their mission here.

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