Community Banking Technology Considerations (Strategic Initiatives) for 2016

Chances are you are all set with what you have budgeted for 2016 in terms of new technology for your bank.  We realize that, however still thought it would be beneficial to see what many banks are considering in the year ahead.  We have taken the time to poll our customers and various vendors and these were the top ten initiatives that are taking precedent in the hearts, minds and project calendars of our clients in 2016.  We are aware that some things did not make the have to cut it off somewhere.


#10 Hosted Email

This may seem like it is an old initiative but there are still banks out there that host their own email and deal with the headaches of managing that infrastructure.  There are a handful of excellent companies dedicated to hosting your email (and other technology infrastructure...see #3) which can free up valuable resources in your community bank.  Not to mention Google for Work (previously know as Google Apps) is popping up in more and more of our client’s arsenal of cloud based solutions.  


#9 Outsourcing Core

History shows that this can be a delicate topic for many of  the operations professionals reading this article.  However, the executive wing and board of directors are becoming more vocal and more intrigued by the thought of letting the Core Vendors deal with the heavy burden of hardware planned obsolescence, redundancy, disaster recovery and an aging operations team.  But wait, we are also seeing weary operations managers shifting their gaze from in-house core to relishing the bandwidth afforded by outsourcing to get some strategic initiatives over the goal line.  Let’s face it, the vendors want you in their data center and from where we sit, more bankers are taking the time to do the research and negotiate the right contract.  In 2015 we helped a slew of clients negotiate in-house to outsource migrations with FIS, Fiserv and Jack Henry.  Each company bent over backwards to get the their client what they needed to feel good about the decision.  That looks different for each bank but it is nice to know the vendors stand ready and responsive to their customers changing needs.


#8 Vendor Consolidation

The burden of managing mission-critical vendor relationships hit an all time high in recent years and bankers are recognizing that by consolidating your key technology providers may not always be a competitive disadvantage.  Sure, when you are putting more eggs in one basket you have to make some concessions in terms of your “wish list” of features and functionality. However, you gain significant economies of scale (thereby freeing up more budget dollars for slicker, customer “sticky” delivery channels), more efficient processes and tighter systems integration.  Vendor Consolidation is a healthy process that can yield significant short-term and long-term returns.


#7 Call Center

Community Banks are getting on this band-wagon and recognizing that managing your customers interaction with the bank is a “must have” and cannot be overlooked.  Traditionally, this type of technology has been cost prohibitive and overwhelming to manage for community banks.  We are seeing some impressive strides made by core vendors in providing affordable solutions to their banks that integrate with core and provide a multitude of support options.  When considering adding Call Center to your arsenal of customer service solutions you must consider your capacity to manage it during and after business hours.  The good news is that this need is finally being met in the community bank space and we are seeing an overwhelming response to it.


#6 Data Warehousing | BIG DATA | SSOT | yada, yada, yada...

Man, everytime I see an article come across my desk for BIG DATA it makes me want to ball up in the corner and suck my thumb...go to my happy place if you will.  This is such an overwhelming obstacle for community banks to pull off cost effectively that I usually do not get past the second paragraph of the article before I click “move to trash”.  There are so many rabbit trails and restrictions associated with the various solutions offered to community banks today that the project rarely makes it past its infancy.  We are seeing some real strides in this area and we are anxious to watch as core providers and third parties look to capitalize on the community bankers need to access all their data in timely and cost effective manner.


#5 Mobile Business Banking