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Support Services

You have a lot going on.  We can help.

Support Services

Plug in and let us carry the load

You already have so many balls in the air; irons in the fire; dogs in the fight...right?  Our support services were designed by our customers out of necessity.  They compliment our Core Services and take the pressure off you to convert, migrate, implement, integrate, launch, audit, develop, revamp and retool.  Our team will manage the process so you can get back to tending those irons in the fire.


Conversion Management


No need to fear a conversion.  Your team has more than a full-time job simply running the bank, and managing a conversion makes it two. We understand your systems and what it takes to effectively manage a conversion and all of the timelines competing for your resources.

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New Product Installations

We can run multiple installs and projects at the same time.  We move your team from putting out fires to thinking three steps ahead.  Our cloud-based project management systems get your team out of task-based emails into a truly collaborative environment.  Let us help you get those new products up and running.  

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Project Mgt.png

Project Management


You have a lot going on.  Let us get some strategic initiatives over the goal line for you.  From systems integration to new products installation, our customers consistently look to us to manage projects from start to finish.

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De Novo Open.png

De Novo Installations


Vendor management is a fundamental concept that can make your life easier.  We offer a turnkey assessment to size up your current vendor management program and manage the process of implementing a new program to reduce the burden of managing all your vendor relationships.

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In-House to Outsource Migrations


We can help you manage the migration to an outsourced environment.  We get all the various business units with your core vendor moving in your direction and at your pace.  We do the heavy lifting and hold your team and the vendors accountable to get the work done and project over the goal line.

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