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De Novo Consulting Services

We helped Beacon Community Bank in Charleston, SC open in January of 2018 and have helped 17 De Novo groups select their core vendors since then.  Let us help you get your vision off the ground.

The Race to Opening Day
At Genesys, we understand that there is a cost associated with every day that is spent without your doors open.  Our Core Services and Support Services teams can manage all the moving parts associated with selected your technology vendors and getting everything in place by opening day.

De Novo Bank Technology Evaluations

De Novo Core Services 
De novo banks are no longer a thing of the past.  Over the years, we have helped a large number of new banks secure the right technology at the most favorable rates.  You simply show up to the meetings.  We help you select the followings systems as well as negotiate the pricing and contract terms and conditions.
Core Processing
Item Processing
ATM/Debit Card Processing and Networks
Teller, Deposit and Loan Platform Systems
Online Delivery Systems
Reporting | Fraud | Analytics Systems
Workflow Systems | CRM | Document Imaging | MCIF
Managed Services | Outsourcing IT | Outsourcing Back Office
Data Communications
There is a lot riding on your technology and we will step you through a meticulous process to bring all the players to table to so you can make an informed decision.  Learn more about us and our process below or click here and send us a message to get started.

Project manager looking at AR screen wit

De Novo Support Services


Our staff of trained project managers will manage the implementation process across all of the various business units with your core vendor and related third-party systems.  Lean into us to help alleviate the stress of managing all the moving parts.


  • Cloud-based collaboration

  • Manage all systems and vendor timelines

  • Team accountability

  • Understand vendor's organization and appropriate escalation path

  • Forward thinking and prevent fires before they start

  • Quarterback the process from start to finish


Click Here if you would like to learn more about Genesys' Support Services and the value of having a team of experienced professionals organize all the balls in the air.

For new banks, the process will be a little more streamlined but this will help you understand just how much we bring to the table.

The Genesys Process


Our process has evolved over the years and offers your bank the advantages of our in-depth understanding of the banking technology industry. Once we identify your profile and unique requirements, we customize our process to meet your specific objectives.  After all, every bank is different and our process is flexible to adapt and adjust as we gain perspective and wisdom.


Core Evaluations.png

Systems Evaluation & Selection


We bring a comprehensive process to the table that yields pricing and contracts that fit your strategic business plan as a new bank or if you are buying an existing charter.  We let you stay focused on getting the deal done while we manage the details.


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