Our Core Services are designed to help you find the right fit

It doesn't have to be like this. 

When we say "core services" we mean the services that the company was founded on.  We are laser-focused on banking technology and we assist your team with making the wisest decisions.  We offer fully managed turn key solutions that save you time and money.  No matter how large or small your bank is...we can scope an engagement that meets your needs and your budget.

Contract Renewals & Negotiations


Is your bank considering purchasing new systems or facing a contract renewal? This is the best time to secure the most advantageous agreement.  We have a landscape view of banking technology and do all the work associated with negotiating your pricing and contracts.

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In-House v. Outsourcing



It’s true, a growing trend in the industry is to move core processing to a hosted environment. By assisting you in assessing the costs associated with the change in deployment, we can help you determine whether the move makes sense...

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Managed Services Evaluation



Community bankers are understand that letting someone else worry about the day to day support and hosting of your internal systems.  You can't add more hours in the day and your IT staff is maxed out. Let us help you make sense of all the details and make the right decision for your bank.

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Systems Evaluation & Selection


Bank technology is constantly changing, which makes technology planning a difficult task at best. Whether you are looking for new technology or seeking to replace your current provider, Genesys’ turnkey managed evaluation process saves you time and money...

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Bank Merger & Acquisitions: Systems Assessment & Vendor Negotiations


Bank mergers and acquisitions are an excellent time to start taking a close look at your technology and the costs associated with your technology contracts. Genesys specializes in walking our clients through detailed cost analyses...

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Our clients lean into us throughout the life of their contract.

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