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Merger & Acquisition Services | Phase ONE, Phase TWO and Phase THREE of The Genesys Process™


Bank mergers and acquisitions are an excellent time to start taking a close look at your technology and the costs associated with your technology contracts. Genesys specializes in walking our clients through detailed cost analyses that help to control expenses related to merger and acquisition. Additionally, we bring a time-tested process to the table that will uncover the best technology, the best price and the best contract for your new organization.

Your engagement includes:


  • Turnkey/managed process from start to finish

  • Map systems and vendor relationships for each institution

  • Assessment of all contractual obligations

  • Vendor due diligence

  • Systems functionality assessment

  • Engage all incumbent vendors

  • Service quality assessment

  • Issues resolution

  • Strategic planning

    • Vendor Selection

    • Systems & Services Selection

    • New Product Evaluation

  • Cost of ownership analysis

  • Pricing negotiations

  • Contract negotiations

    • ​Termination

    • Liquidated Damages

    • Conversion/Migration Fees

  • Audit & review all final documents


Support Services You Might Include:

(Phase FOUR Services)


  • Invoice Audit Service

  • Regulatory Documentation

  • Operational Assessment

  • Process Improvement

  • Systems Utilization

  • Project Management

We understand that in many ways your technology is the forward facing component of a merger or acquisition.  There are so many variables to consider beyond the cost of services and the contracts that govern your vendor relationships. As an unbiased third party, we can help your team wade through the politics and emotions of a merger or acquisition and unite your team behind technology solutions and vendors that compliment your new organizations strategic initiatives and service culture.

Merger & Acquistion


Acquiring or merging with another institution?  Now is the perfect time to engage in a full assessment of your mission-critical systems and vendors.  Let us help you fit the pieces together.
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