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What Our Customers Think...Matters Most.


Over the years we have negotiated a lot of bank and credit union core contracts.  We have grown to do so much more but one truth remains...satisfied customers have a ripple effect.


Customer Insight | Testimonials

Tom Stumb | Truxton Trust | Nashville, TN

Chairman & CEO

“On three different occasions, our company has enlisted the help of Genesys Technology Group when we were evaluating a renewal of our core banking system versus switching to a different core system provider. Each time Genesys provided expert service and was the key component to our decision being the right one and the best one for our business. We regard David Saylor and Joy Pelaez as more than just capable, hard-working consultants. They work like they are your business partners. They not only helped us make the right decision, but they also coached us through negotiating all the minute details of the contracts associated with that decision. Each time we have hired Genesys, we have found that what they charged us for their service was a fraction of the value we received from their wonderful people. I highly recommend Genesys to any bank that is considering a large, system-oriented expense. They do a fantastic job.”

Scott Wilson | Pinnacle Bank | Elberton, GA

“Genesys is professional and knowledgeable and knows the ins and outs of the business. They’re able to advise and give an opinion without forcing it. They connected with our staff, which allowed the development of trust. We believe the core product purchased and its ongoing cost meet the bank’s objectives.”

Robyn Penn | Columbus First Bank | Columbus, OH

Chief Financial Officer

“Genesys is a real advocate—knowledgeable, resourceful, and always reachable.  Working with them was an invaluable experience with profitable results.”

Derek Williams | Columbus Community Bank | Columbus, GA


“A trusted ally, Genesys’ professionalism, responsiveness, and accuracy inspire confidence.”

Tony Kaiser | Osgood State Bank | Osgood, OH

President & CEO

“David and the Genesys team have far exceeded my expectations. They have educated my staff on many items related to our Core Processor, they have been responsive to our needs and taken many after-hour phone calls, and they negotiated significant savings with several bank vendors.  I would highly recommend Genesys to anyone in the banking community.”


Edward Coltrain | Southern Bank | Mount Olive , NC

Chief Operations Officer

“We first selected Genesys in 2010 to help us evaluate and select a new core processing system which significantly drove down our overall technology spend.  Over the years we have leaned on the Genesys team to assist us with key contract negotiations, new technology evaluations and contract renewals.  We see tremendous value in their market expertise and consider them a true partner.”

Lynda Cunningham | Bank of McKenney | Mckenney, VA

Executive Vice President

“Bank of McKenney partnered with Genesys Technology Group, LLC in 2013 to assist with our Core system review and more than 15 ancillary software upgrades and additions.  They were instrumental in achieving our pricing and functionality goals. The Genesys Group spent hours listening to our management team to obtain the information necessary to bring the correct demonstrations to management.  The process from assessing needs to contract and pricing oversight has proven to be invaluable to our team.”

Cara Jackson | State Bank & Trust Co. | Macon, GA

SVP Corporate Communications

“The Genesys team has really become an extension of our bank management team.  Long before they help us with the selection of the right technology solution, they challenge us to properly define, plan and evaluate what we need.”

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