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Systems Evaluation & Selection

Evaluating mission-critical vendors and systems in a time intensive process because there is a lot riding on your technology.

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Phase One, Two & Three of The Genesys Process

Bank technology is constantly changing, which makes technology planning a difficult task at best. Whether you are looking for new technology or seeking to replace your current provider, Genesys’ turnkey managed evaluation process saves you time and money. We can lead you through a customized due-diligence process that will yield the right technology at the right price.


We understand that attempting to effectively compare vendor proposals side by side can be intimidating. At Genesys, we specialize in breaking down these proposals while filling in gaps that might be missed in a conversion or new product evaluation. And because we know that the financial impact of your technology is a key component to the decision-making process, we have developed a unique way of presenting the cost of your data in a format that is easy to understand. From engaging vendors to negotiating prices to reviewing contracts, we provide the perspective and data you need to make the smartest technology decisions for your bank.

Your Engagement Includes:

  • Turnkey/managed process from start to finish


    • ​Discovery

    • Engage incumbent vendors & assess renewal offers

    • Establish opportunity cost for market due diligence


    • ​Comprehensive vendor review

    • Software demonstrations

    • Request for Proposal (RFP)

    • Cost of Ownership Analysis (COA)

    • Peer reference evaluations

    • Manage decisioning process


    • ​Deep dive demonstration

    • Peer site visits

    • Vendor corporate visits

    • Vendor contract analysis & comparison

    • Conversion reference workbooks

    • Conversion manager interviews

    • Account management interviews

    • Manage decisioning process


    • ​Proactive pricing negotiations throughout the entire process

    • Pre-emptive contract negotiations throughout process

    • Audit all pricing and contracts for negotiated rates and terms

    • Assist your attorney with review and negotiation with vendors

Support Services You Might Include (Phase FOUR Services):

  • Invoice Audit Service

  • Regulatory Documentation

  • Operational Assessment

  • Process Improvement

  • Systems Utilization

  • Project Management

the genesys process flowchart

At Genesys, we move at your pace and customize our process to meet your objective.  There is no project too large or small and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Here are some sample engagements that we have led in the past:


  • Core & Ancillary Systems Evaluation & Selection

  • ATM/Debit Card Evaluation

  • Managed Services Evaluation

  • Online Delivery Systems Evaluation

  • Ancillary Systems Evaluation

  • In House Core Processing Evaluation & Selection

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