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Why Genesys?

Founded in 2007, Genesys was designed to be an advocate for the community bank. For a bank like yours, technology is easily one of the largest expenses. And because most of those expenses are normally tied to multiyear obligations, there’s a lot riding on choosing the right systems and vendors when the opportunities arise. At these times, it’s imperative for banks to take a holistic look at their technology and vendors. That’s where Genesys comes in. We develop and manage that process so you don’t have to. Leveraging our expertise and knowledge of banking technology and negotiations will help you realize immediate returns as well as long-term operational efficiency and financial benefits.

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Genesys offers your bank a breadth and depth of experience that uniquely qualifies us to help your bank make smarter technology decisions.  Our team's collective expertise includes both banking technology and banking itself.  As such, it comprises comprehensive experience from three perspectives; as a vendor, banker, and consultant.  So no matter which team you work with, you can rely on getting the benefits of our combined strength.

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There are so many moving parts to making the "right" decision when it comes to mission-critical technology.  After all, this is how you service your customers.  More importantly, many of the systems that we lead evaluations and negotiations on are customer-facing systems.  Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the banking technology landscape and can help you position your institution to make the most cost-effective decision while negotiating the key terms and conditions that will protect you in the long-run.

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The Genesys process has been crafted and honed over the years to address the complex infrastructure of today’s banking technology. Our process enables us to e uncover all of the data you need to make wise and informed decisions while minimizing the number of resources you would have to dedicate to a project of this magnitude. Our process also yields the most aggressive pricing structure and sound operating agreements to meet your corporate objectives.

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Our primary purpose is to assist you in making the wisest decision for your institution.  We do not have any ties to any vendors nor do we EVER accept money or compensation from any vendors.  Remaining objective and letting each engagement unfold naturally is essential to customer satisfaction.  Every bank is different and no one knows your institution better than you.  Our team is trained to bring all the information to the table so you and your team can make an informed decision.

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