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Your Genesys Profile

We invest in getting to know you so your investment in us yields dividends.

Our Profile system is designed to help us get to know you faster and to make the decisions you have in front of you less complicated.  When it comes to technology, our experience shows that banks fit into one of three profiles. Our renew, revise and replace profiles translate into a specific methodology that allows us to help you achieve your objectives.


We also know from experience that your profile may change as we step through making decisions in your project.  Your Genesys Profile™ simply gets the conversation started so we can provide you a detailed scope of work with no surprises or hidden fees.

Which Profile Best Describes Your Bank?

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  • Cost Reduction

  • Co-Term Agreements

  • Leverage Buying Power

  • Renegotiate Key Contract Terms

  • Purchase New Products & Services

  • Negotiate Aggressive Pricing

  • Insure All Systems are Being Utilized

"We are 18-24 months from several of our major technology contracts maturing. My bank is happy with our current vendor base, and we simply want to have someone manage the contract renewal process, including negotiating pricing and the key operating terms and conditions."

  • Consolidate Vendors or get outside of your core sandbox

  • In-House v. Outsource Analysis

  • Enhance Systems Integration

  • Aggressive Negotiation on Pricing and Contract Terms

  • Add New Products & Services

"My bank is happy with some vendors but maybe not all of them. And/or – we are looking to move from in-house processing to outsource processing, which may open up a need or desire to eliminate or consolidate some vendor relationships along the way."

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  • Single-Sourcing

  • Consolidate/Replace Vendors

  • Systems Integration

  • Operational Efficiency

  • Maximize Systems Utilization

  • Aggressive Negotiation of all contracts and pricing

"My bank is certain that we want to conduct full due diligence on mission-critical systems. We want to determine the best long-term vendor relationships and technological fit for our institution while aggressively negotiating both price and contractual terms."

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